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[qCLIPxe/CLIPxe] Recording MultiDay Jobs!
[qCLIPxe/CLIPxe] Recording MultiDay Jobs!

CLIPxe QCLIPxe Recording Multi-Day Jobs Incomplete Work

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Recording Multi-Day jobs

You can record work that extends over one day in CLIP. This article will take you through the steps on how this function works.

CLIP will track all the current information it does now such as Start/Stop times, travel time and employees!

When you are in Record Work and want to enter times for an uncompleted service, select the service then select the “I” key on your keyboard.

Enter the data as you normally would.

You can continue marking the rest of the services as normal using the “I” for any incomplete service. Some things to keep in mind with multiday jobs, is that they will not show on the customer’s history until the job is posted as complete. The information is available either by checking the history when you are entering work for that particular job. The other way to review this information is Files>Customer>History>Multiday Reports and select the date range that encompasses that particular job. Once the job has been posted as complete, it will then appear in the customer’s history.

Post the work as normal. On the Final List of Work Done the job will be shown with the time recorded but the $’s and time is not included the $ per hour.

Refresh the Work Bank for the next day as normal and print out route sheets. The incomplete jobs will be on the next day’s route sheet.

When you go into Record work you will see the jobs leftover from yesterday marked with an “I” still.

At the end of the second day you can either finish the incomplete work or continue it as incomplete. To finish the job use the “Y” and enter the data for second day. If the job is still in progress use the “I” again and enter the data in.

You can view the previous day’s data by selecting the “History” button within the jobs record work screen.

If you have more the one days history use the pull down to select the day. You can adjust previous day’s data up to the time you actually Post the work.

Select the “Current” button to return to today’s data.

Post the work as normal. When the work is marked as done, it will be included in the Final List of Work Done with all the hours used to produce an accurate $ per hour report. The history of all the days postings can be seen the customers “History” file. Choose the line in history and select “Edit Line” then select “History” and use the pull down to select the date you want to see/edit.

For more info on Recording Work in CLIP, see here --> [CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] How To Record Work

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