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[CLIPxe/qCLIPxe] Upgrade from CLIP Desktop to CLIPxe
[CLIPxe/qCLIPxe] Upgrade from CLIP Desktop to CLIPxe

Older desktop users - upgrade to CLIPxe / QCLIPxe using these steps

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This article will show you how to upgrade your CLIP Desktop program to CLIPxe!

NOTE: The old dial up modem credit card software and PCCharge credit card software is no longer supported with the CLIPxe version. We offer an alternate solution. Please call us for more info [(301) 874-3611]. 

Prior to Updating: You need to make sure that you have Customer #1 (or any other customers you use as pattern customers marked as “PATTERN” BEFORE you install the update.

! Make a Backup First ! 

When you are ready to perform the update process, follow these steps:

  • Run the update file that you previously downloaded.

  • If the update asks for a password it will be partner.

  • The last update window will ask you where your CLIP program is located. If you are not sure, right click on your CLIP shortcut then hit Properties. You will want to look at the start in box to find out where your CLIP program is located in your machine. Boxes outlined in red need to be the same location:

  • After the update program is finished, open CLIP like normal. It will then say that you have received an update, hit OK. Then it will confirm with you if you have a backup, YES or NO. After you hit YES, it will finish the update inside the program by indexing files. Once that is finished, the update is done!

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