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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Appointment Scheduling
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Appointment Scheduling
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Appointment scheduling can be used for any job that is setup in CLIP. It can be recurring or a one time service based on the existing scheduling options for the job. While inputting the Schedule on Jobs, you may need to send someone to the property. Some examples of using Appointment Scheduling would be:

  • Meeting up with a customer to go over jobs or an estimate

  • Dentist Appointments

  • Soccer Games

  • Recording Visits for doing irrigation work

  • Window cleaning jobs that require you to show up at a certain time

  • Parking lot sweepers

First, you must setup Crews in CLIP for the appointment calendar to display the jobs - click here for more information on Crew Setup. The appointment is first configured on the Schedule tab.

Click Set Appointment, then select the button next to it in order to see the Appointment Calendar.

The Start and End time of the Appointment will show on this calendar based on when you set it up on the previous screen. Click the option for Waiting List, then the customer information will appear under the Wait List section towards the bottom of the Appointment Calendar. Click the three dot button next to the Color in order to change the color of the Appointment on the Calendar. Change the Start Date, Crew, and Zone depending on how your jobs are setup. If you want to add a job to this calendar, click Add, then the Search for Customer screen will appear in order to find the customer you want on this calendar. Click Refresh after making those changes to display the new information on the calendar. Click Setup in order to setup the time frame for when appointments can be setup from Start to End.

This calendar will allow you to drag and drop an appointment from one time/day to another. Once you click View, there are three options: Week, Day, and Week By Crew. The Week By Crew allows you to drag and drop appointments across crews.

Click Work Orders or Daily Routines, then select Route Sheets, Print Route Sheets. From the Route Sheets screen, click Print Options under Step 1. You have the option of printing the Appointments on separate Route Sheets and printing the Scheduled Appointments before Wait List.

When you refresh the work bank, the Summary Sheet and Detailed Route Sheet will display appointments at the top no matter what Sort Order or Route Sheet you choose. The Wait List Jobs will appear first, followed by the Scheduling Appointments and then the normal Non-Appointment Jobs. The Appointment Time will display below the customer's address on the route sheets.

Let us know if you need any further assistance!

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