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[CLIPxe/qCLIPxe] New User Tutorials
[CLIPxe/qCLIPxe] New User Tutorials

New Users to the latest Desktop version XE come here to learn

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The information in this article will guide you through steps in order to understand how CLIPxe/qCLIPxe works, how to set it up properly and will help you understand the daily routines of the program!

The first step is adding or importing customers. You can import from an Excel spreadsheet, QuickBooks, or manually add customers to CLIP.

For importing customers using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, click the button below!

If you have already imported your customers, you can add new customers individually. These steps are shown below:

Adding pattern customers is the first step toward getting your CLIP database full of customers!

The word Pattern in CLIP means that the information entered will carry over and make it easier to create future customers from the pattern. You can simply refer to the Pattern Customer as a template for creating new customers!

The next step is adding new customers to your CLIP database! Please see the short tutorial video below to get your started!

Adding pattern jobs is the next step after pattern customers and adding customers. Pattern jobs are pretty similar to pattern customers since you will create your basic services in the Pattern Jobs section. This way you can easily fill in details when adding jobs to your customers!

For details on how to add, edit and how to use pattern jobs click the button below for our in depth article and watch the video!

Adding jobs to your customers is the next step after adding pattern jobs. From the customer's job screen, you will click the Add button. From there, you will have the option to add from the pattern job in order to not only add the job but carry over the settings for the job or you can use "Default Settings" for the job. For a step by step tutorial, see the video below:

You will have customers that will want to pay up front or pay on a regular monthly installment plan. This step will guide you through how to setup monthly installment billing - click the button above for the tutorial on this step.

Printing route sheets should be a daily task for the company when using CLIP. For a short tutorial on printing out route sheets, see the video below:

Recording work is another daily task in CLIP. See below for a short video tutorial on recording work:

This task will enable you to get bills sent out to your customer base!

We will be posting other how to articles and other tips in the future so stayed tuned!

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