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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Index Files

CLIPxe QCLIPxe Index Files - Indexing Update

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Indexing files in CLIP is a process that checks the database tables to verify that everything is working correctly. Be aware that this process will clear your work bank of completed work so please let your office know to post all of your completed work before proceeding further. We recommend that this be run on a daily basis, if not as often as possible (once a week or at least after doing billing).

To do this, make sure everyone ELSE is out of CLIP then click Files, Index Files.

CLIP will ask if you want to index History Files as well. If you select Yes, indexing will take longer as opposed to clicking No. It is recommended that you index history files as well at least once a month.

Once starting the indexing process, you will see a screen with green check boxes.

Then once the process has finished, you will see a confirmation window letting you know that it has checked out ok.

Finally, in the latest version, you will see that CLIP will shutdown when indexing is complete. An information message will pop up like the one below, and CLIP will close. This is normal behavior for the program, it makes sure that everything closes properly after indexing. 

The process is now finished. Let us know if you need further assistance.

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