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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Unable To Post Work
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Unable To Post Work

[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] Unable To Post Work - Waiting for Availability message

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This article will go over the error message that may occur when posting work. If you receive an error when Posting Work in CLIP that says something like "someone else is posting work" or CLIP starts checking the availability to post, then someone else is trying to post work at the same time as you or CLIP thinks that someone else is posting work.  

If you see a similar message towards the top right of the screen, CLIP will search for the availability to post work and start to countdown to 200. After this, you may receive an error message telling you that someone else is posting work.

At this point, close or minimize your CLIP program. Click the start menu, left click on the computer menu or for Windows 8 users, select the folder icon at the bottom.

Open your CLIPv folder and search for a file called postingwork.txt and delete it.

After deleting the postingwork.txt file, open CLIP back up and continue to post your work.

If  CLIP still tells you that someone else is posting, then you will need to reboot your workstation and all the networked computers connected to the server in the office.

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