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[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] GPS Tracking in CLIP
[CLIPxe/QCLIPxe] GPS Tracking in CLIP

GPS Tracking using Google Maps!

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Just added the ability to see your crews in (close to) real time! As your crews use CLIP2Go to record their work, the APP records the GPS location every ## minutes (This number can be changed to different intervals). At anytime during the day, you can click on the “See Crew Position” to see where they are on Google Maps. You can also “replay” the route they took yesterday.

What you will need to use this feature:

  • The latest version of CLIPxe (10/10/2016 or later)

  • CLIP2Go for all of your Crews

  • Install the latest CLIP2Go APP for your guys (CLIP2Go 2.0)

  • In the CLIP2Go Settings, enable the "Record Position" check box.

  • In CLIPxe, make sure that you give permission to your employees that you want to be able to see this feature.


Give permission to anyone that you want to be able to see the current crew position.

From System > Passwords > Set Passwords - edit any user permissions from this screen.

You will want to assign colors to your crews as this will help you to identify them later on. From the main menu - System -> Crew Setup - pick each crew and assign them a different color:

Have each of your crews use CLIP2Go.  If they are using iPhones, they will go straight to the CLIP2Go website and use it from there.

If they are using any other device (Google Android Devices), look in the app store for CLIP2Go 2.0 and install that.

Once it is installed, you will get a question: “CLIP2Go wants to use your position: Allow?” Make sure that each device allows the app to access the location.

In the CLIP2Go website, under “Settings” make sure that you have checked the “Check location every __ Mins” checked:

You can set it up for the time period that works best for you. The shorter the time period, the more data the device will use but the more accurate your crew locations will be.  It is up to you to decide what the right interval is (CLIP2Go will record the location every time you start and stop a job, regardless of the setting for minutes). 

Click on the SAVE button to keep your preference.


Under Files > CLIP2Go, you have a number of reports you can pull for GPS Tracking

  • GPS Tracking - This will show either one or a number of crews and their route for a given day.

Notice that the geographic points show on the right and the pins are in the color that you set up for each crew.
See Crew Location - This report will give you the last known position for your crews. If you have made the interval 5 minutes, then the last known position of any crew should not be more than 5 minutes old. 

When you click on this button, you will see the following:

By clicking or hovering over the pin point, you will see the crew number and the actual time this point was recorded. If you have set your system to record every 5 minutes, it will be within 5 minutes of the last time CLIP2Go recorded the position. 

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