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**NEW** [qCLIPxe/CLIPxe] How To Update CLIPxe (07/06/2021)
**NEW** [qCLIPxe/CLIPxe] How To Update CLIPxe (07/06/2021)

NEW Latest Desktop Update XE version How to update CLIPxe qCLIPxe

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This update will change your CLIP version to the latest CLIPxe version. This will allow you to have all the latest fixes that we have done to the program.

Before performing the update, do the following:

Make sure that your recorded work in CLIP is posted & everyone is out of CLIP. Also disable or timeout any antivirus software until the update is complete. 

Important! CLIP will now put the backup utility screen on the screen for you after the update is completed and CLIP is launched again instead of merely asking. If you have not made one through other means, please create a backup at this point.

The version in this update is 7.2106.29

This is the latest official version.

!! You may experience difficulty downloading the update due to content filtering. Right-click the button above and select "Save Link As..." to begin the download. !!

When you are ready to perform the update process, follow these steps:

Run the update file that you previously downloaded above using the button.

If the update asks for a password it will be partner.

The last update window will ask you where your CLIP program is located. If you are not sure, right click on your CLIP shortcut then hit Properties. You will want to look at the Target or Start in box to find out where your CLIP program is located in your machine. The box outlined in red needs to be the same location:

Or if your CLIP is installed on a network share, it will look similar to the screenshot below:

After the update program is finished, open CLIP normally. I say you have received an update. Hit OK, then it will open backup utility in order to make a backup. 

If you already have a backup, you can click EXIT then it will finish the update by indexing files. Once that is finished, the update is done!

After performing the update on a CLIP that is networked to multiple computers in the office, you may receive a message to run the Client Install, click 'Yes'.

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