Using "To Dos" in CLIPitc

How to use the "To Do" in your office to keep track of communications and office tasks.

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Did you know that CLIP started as a lawn care company? This is why we understand that not all of your work is related to jobs and keeping up with billing and schedules. There is a lot more going on! This is why we created To Dos in CLIPitc. CLIPitc To Dos will help you keep track of all the tasks you have before you - like customer follow-ups and estimates.

To Dos function as reminders for a specific customer and can be assigned to a specific user of CLIPitc.

In this manual, we will be going over how to setup To Dos in CLIPitc.

To setup your first To Do in CLIPitc, go to any customer in your customer list that you would want to set up a To Do for. Then click on the "To Do" tab.

Now Click "Add Task"

Once you have clicked Add Task, you will now be in the To Do detail window. This will be where you enter all of the specifics of this To Do.

The very first selection I want to draw your attention to is the "Activity Required" check box. If this is unchecked, it will not function as a reminder. It will only be for reference. With this unchecked, your optional fields will only be notes and who can view them.

With "Activity Required" checked off, you will then be able to set up some more specific details for this To Do. Let's go over those now.

Priority can be handy when you have several To Do's on your list and want to know which ones are more pressing than the others.

Activity simply displays what needs to be done with this To Do in order to mark it as complete. CLIPitc comes with several Actives pre-loaded but you can add your own if you like by clicking "Add New".

Start Time and Stop Time is intended for setting the start and stop time of appointments.

Notes can be used to keep a record of how this To Do went, or as a reminder of what the To Do is pertaining to.

Now that you have filled in the details of this To Do, all that is left is to assign it to the appropriate users of CLIPitc. The box to the right will display the list of users you have set up in CLIPitc. If you have not set up users visit the Help Center to learn how.

To assign the users, just click on the check box next to their user name, then click add!

Now click save, and this To Do is finished!

If you like, you can also email this To Do to the assigned user simply by clicking Email CMS.  If you would like an additional reminder, you can use the checkbox labeled "Include Appointment." This will attach an ICS File when the appointment is emailed to a User.  ICS is a global format for calendar files widely being utilized by various calendar and email programs including Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Microsoft Outlook. 

Emailing isn't the only way that CLIPitc can notify a user of their task. The next time the user logs into CLIPitc, and on the bottom right of every page of the program, it will remind them of all the tasks you have assigned to them through the To Do section. It will show this at the top when they log in as a reminder.

Through this reminder, they will have the ability to either view their task or mark it as Complete.

If you have any questions please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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