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Creating and Applying Additional Charges in CLIPitc
Creating and Applying Additional Charges in CLIPitc

How to add charges in CLIPitc for services performed outside of the original scope of jobs

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We've added an "Additional Charge" feature to CLIPitc. This can be used in cases where customers may have a one-off job that needs to be completed and added to their account.

To add an additional charge, go to the Invoice/QuickBooks tab and select Additional Charges. On that screen, select the customer you want to add the charge to and fill in the other required information and click the "Process" button at the bottom right.

After you have processed the payment, it will show up under "Charges Entered Today" and will need to be invoiced for that customer just as you would for a regular job.

Before invoicing, you may want to check the customer's history to make sure the charge was processed correctly.

Now that the charge has processed it will show up in the customer history. You can invoice the charge for this customer by going to the Invoice/QuickBooks tab and clicking Invoice. Click on the "Print/Edit Individual Bills" button to see the invoice list.

Now, simply check the box and click "Print" to create the invoice for the charge.

And now you're all set! If you have any questions please visit our Help Center or log into chat at the bottom of the page at We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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