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You must fill the value . . .
You must fill the value . . .

Unable to save a customer or job screen due to certain fields marked as required, needing to be filled in.

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"You must fill the value . . ." is a message that may pop up for several reasons.
 1. You added a new user and under the permissions settings "check all" was selected.
2. You just completed an update from us with some added new security features or permission options.

Either way, what this means is that under the user that is logged in there are some boxes checked in the user permissions that require a value to be filled out.

The main reason for this feature is so that when you have certain information which needs to be filled out so you can have accurate reporting, the necessary information will not be left blank.

To choose what fields are required/or not required, go to the "Set Passwords"

> "Edit User" button while selecting the user that needs adjustments.

> Under the "Job" tab you will see a row of "Required" and check or un-check the settings that will maximize efficiency in your office. 

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