Features on the road map (stuff we're working on): 

Working on for the future:

Working on new CLIPitc mobile app. Starting with Android version.
New features planned:
Optimizing route in the field
Better tracking of time in app
Adding to do's to application
Auto weather options
All new screens/layout
Language option for Spanish
Offline access for completing jobs
Ability to edit individual employee times on jobs
Ability to add additional charge in the app

Recent Updates:


Added option to print invoices instead of statements when batch printing
Added ability to put properties on hold
Added material screens for new mobile app
Added Employee edit times for new mobile app
Added change crew screens for new mobile app


Added account notes edit section to CLIPitc
Added reload route screen to new App
Added rounds selection map to CLIPitc
Added historyJobvalue to the custom report fields
Added weather options to the new CLIPitc app


Added installments to customer section of custom reports
Added video/picture upload in CLIPitc for the new app
Added Checkboxes for mass editing job schedules.
Added optimize route to new App
Added Finalize work for new App


Added status for invoice emails sent
Changed crew changes to maintain employees already recorded when changing crews.
Added record work graph for mobile app
Added job details screens, notes screens, signature screen, and contact screens for new mobile app
Deactivate crews option
Made sales tax editable
Also working on new Mobile app (Worked on caching service for mobile app)
Added sort for Rounds
Corrected extra commas in preservice notification
Added picture notes to CLIPitc and new mobile application
Added individual checkboxes for programs updating
Added lawn conditions screens to mobile application
Added non taxable jobs to the tax report
Added precipitation and amounts to weather conditions in CLIPitc

Fixed issue with job scheduling for "Weekly" now it will correctly choose the first possible day of the week to reschedule jobs.
Made sales tax editable
Also working on new Mobile app (built first screens for recording work)
Fixed issue with view materials when they take up more than one page

Added option for showing previous invoices balance on statements
Fixed issue with App showing 12:00AM when punching in employees.
Fixed issue with emailed invoices sometimes printing when print emailed invoices is unchecked. 

Added Materials report for the new mobile app.
Added Get Work screen to the new mobile app

Added Property city, and zip code to custom reports section
Fixed issue with internal notes when converting from CLIPxe
Implemented background caching on new mobile app

Added date range to daily work report, and made it send records based on whether or not they have already been sent.
Fixed issue with displaying travel time.
Added the current date to the Accounts receivable report header.

Added punchclock screen to the mobile application. 

Added date range to daily work report, and made it send records based on whether or not they have already been sent.
Fixed issue with displaying travel time.
Added the current date to the Accounts receivable report header.

Added punchclock screen to the mobile application.

Added calculated days overdue to route sheets
Made budgeted hours payroll report more clear.

Added the settings screen to the new mobile app.

Added a map for job costing report in CLIPitc
Corrected issue on the employee efficiency report with timeclock
Also working on new Mobile app

Fixed issue with rounds getting removed from work when refreshing the work
Fixed items issue showing as duplicates
Fixed issue with foreman showing on crew when not listed in employees
Fixed dates in mobile app not converting to proper timezone

Fixed issue with save button on customer not showing on address change
Fixed issue with preservice notifications
Fixed issue with charge per hour jobs
Fixed issue with crews not updating right away in record work

Made history report sort by date
Made budgeted hours calculation on report more granular

Fixed issue with pattern programs copying in charge per job amount
Fixed employee payroll reports for budgeted mhrs
Fixed issue with charge per hour jobs
Fixed issue with crews not updating right away in record work


Made daily work report assignee not required
Made history report sort by date

Fixed scroll list oddities on the customer list
Fixed sorting on invoices to be by date

Made installments process even if they didn't have a start date
Made 0.00 payments synch with QuickBooks online

Fixed error when having invalid date entered
Fixed issue with sales tax not invoiced line item

Added invoice filters for unpaid invoice report
Added ability to synch with QuickBooks desktop Canadian version

Fixed inactive materials being selectable
Fixed exporting notes with "=" sign in them
Fixed issue with sales tax report

Fixed issue with Rounds not activating
Fixed issue with discounts expiring
Fixed issue with rounds when converting from CLIPxe
Fixed issue with zone names when converting from CLIPxe
Fixed issue with how notes display on merge report in CLIPitc
Changed UI for Add/edit discount screen


Added templates for estimate emails.
Added option to hide individual charges on an estimate
Added option to hide material from a customer
Added ability to create estimates from leads when adding in a lead.
Added bill type to custom reports section
Added view dates scheduled to pattern job screen

Fixed source report to include customers without jobs completed.
Fixed travel time on job costing report in some cases. 

Added help article for using estimates 


Added Post service notification templates
Added post service email tags for weather conditions
Added post service email Grid for materials used
Added post service email tag for last unpaid invoice link
Made password logic requirements less complex
Added Find by invoice function on the single payment screen
Added Man hours and Sales numbers figures to the get work screen
Added tax rate to pattern customer (also replace all)
Added a total customer count to the source report
Added an option to not send auto pay emails
Made it so that 0.00 installments don't get processed
Added an option to reset skipped jobs to active on the end of year functions section
Fixed issue with materials showing on route sheet invoices


Added ability to email and print estimates
Adjusted times from custom reports to reflect the users timezone
Added a one per page route sheet option for route sheet printouts
Added invoice and payment section to get invoices emailed for CLIPitc
Fixed issue with attachments not found for certain attachments on customers


Added skip notes to the internal notes section on customer history
Added filters for end of year functions to only reset certain jobs
Added a total to the accounts receivable report
Added material cost and price to the materials report
Fixed issue with custom report mail merge not sending after processing the report
Fixed issue with setting end time less than start time on record work mobile giving an error
Fixed issue with employees not fully synching from QuickBooks online
Fixed issue with route sheets not showing new crews on new pages.
Fixed issue with materials information getting displayed in 


Added employees and crews to fresh copies of CLIPitc
Added ability to use decimals for material in IPhone app
Fixed issue with next visit date not showing correctly on custom reports
Fixed issue with material fields saving properly in pattern job
Fixed issue with synchronizing credit memos from QuickBooks online.
Fixed employee # to display properly on record work mobile grid
Fixed issue with inactive employees improperly showing
Fixed issue with email invoices not being marked when synched to QuickBooks online
Fixed issue with email invoices getting unchecked
Fixed estimates profit calculation
Fixed issue with route sheets not showing new crews on new pages.

Added address option for payroll reports
Added Payroll summary report (and export to excel option)
Added one employee per page option on payroll reports.
Added lead map to find service locations and crews when adding new customers
Added invoice email tag that takes the customer's open balance and displays it on invoices

Added option to synch/not synchronize customer status in CLIPitc and QuickBooks online. If you send payment to QuickBooks online and it is synchronizing status it may force the customer to be active (only active customers in QuickBooks can have a balance) and then synch that back to CLIPitc. 

Added estimates screen, still working on formula's, printing, emailing, and accepting the estimates from customers. 

Fixed issue with QuickBooks online emails not synching correctly to CLIPitc
Fixed issue invoices not automatically synching to QuickBooks online right when they are created.
Fixed issue with terms not synching from QuickBooks online
Fixed issue with rounds not activating.
Fixed issue with synchronizing new invoices from QuickBooks online to CLIPitc
Fixed issue with how some installments were showing in history.
Fixed issue with importing customers from excel
Fixed issue when synchronizing blank QuickBooks online shipping addresses to CLIPitc.

Added ability to show payments on the invoice section for the portal.
Added invoice number column to invoice tab on customer portal
Added payment number to history report (usually the check number)
Added job value to the adjust schedule screen (now you can see how many dollars you are planning on doing this week...)
Fixed issue with QuickBooks invoices using long invoice number when custom invoice numbers in QuickBooks online is turned off.
Fixed issue with changing material quantities while doing the work.

Redid the QuickBooks Online link between CLIPitc and revamped the synchronization process! Now balances will be kept between QuickBooks and CLIPitc seamlessly and without the necessity to make payments only in one program.  Each program will be accurate.  
CLIPitc will ask you to perform an "Initial Sync". This is perfectly fine, please accept this and perform the requested sync. This gets you hooked up with the new build and changes will be made to balance out discrepancies between the two programs.  
Check out the Settings Gear and you'll notice a brand new tab labeled QuickBooks. This has the options for the new build. Please review them, as some of them are handy and some of them you may want to turn off, as well as be familiar with the buttons that reside in this tab.  If you have any questions or aren't completely clear on any of these options, do not hesitate to open up a chat with us and inquire!

Created a basic lead map for viewing routes/crews.
Added a total amount due tag for "total amount due" to add a total balance to invoice emails.
Added a total amount due to the invoices page on the customer portal.
Made displaying job charge and Payments on the history tab of the  portal optional.
Made Adjust schedule screen (crew adjustments) sort by route order.
Added a lead checkbox to Customer screen.

Fixed grid sorting on email invoices screen.
Removed man hours total from history report when show man hours is unchecked.
Fixed issue with employee efficiency report (was showing efficiency by dividing crew average instead of employee).
Hid the total man hours on the history report when "show man hours" is unchecked

Made it so that jobs auto save before adding to work bank.
Added account numbers to emailed invoices
Added Ability to offer ACH payments to customers (signup for bluepay credit card or ACH using this link)
Made it so that you can enter 0.00 transactions for credit cards to save payment information

Fixed issue with unit rate not saving correctly in pattern
Fixed issue with trying to edit a job and finalize it while editing
Added not for custom reports when no data is found to make it more clear
Made service notification tag when property address is empty
Fixed issue with dashboard dollars per man hour formula
Made it easier to delete credit card tokens
Reset latitude longitude for property address changes
Made variable scheduling updates independent of "get work" button (they occur everyday)
Made material charges go through correctly on mobile app regardless of user permissions
Made history notes editing fit more characters
Changed round delete button to say "deactivate"
Route sheet translation handles special characters better
Place holder text disappears now for single payment screen

Added a total on Individual invoices screen for transactions going over to QuickBooks online.
New option to show payments only on the history report. 

Made it so that job charges don't show for include in contract and prepay jobs on route sheet invoices.
Changed formatting with Google maps to insert addresses without commas when autocompleting
Fixed an issue with pre service notifications (redid the internal way that it works after having an issue with it)

Fixed issue with zone activation.
Fixed issue with QuickBooks invoice numbers not matching on the history screen.
Fixed issue with adding multiple jobs.
Fixed issue with dollars per man hour and material calculations on record work screen.

Made emailing invoice screen sortable by clicking on the headers on the grid.
Added more sales tax decimal points on reports when the decimal points option is changed in company settings.

Fixed conflicting times message in the record work section when completing a job without entering employee details.
Fixed issue with adding rounds in some cases.  
Fixed window sizing on pattern programs under rounds materials.


Merged all customer email addresses onto the custom report field.
Fixed employee efficiency report not displaying "0" values.
Fixed issue with grouping rounds and jobs on the CLIPitc App.


Added ability to add multiple jobs to a customer at one time.  
When adding jobs to customers, there are now checkboxes in a left-hand column that may be selected on each job that you wish to add to the package.
Clicking the "Add Jobs" button will add those jobs to the pattern while keeping you in the "Add Jobs" screen. "Add Jobs and Close" will add those jobs and close the "Add Jobs" screen.

Added the ability to update programs ("Program Detail") information globally. It functions just like the other Update All buttons.

Added the ability to add and delete materials globally for rounds. It functions just like the other Update All buttons.

Added a function to the CLIPitc app to fill in property information when the Property Info is blank. It pulls it from the customer's general information tab.

Added tech notes to the notes section of a program's printed route sheet.

Added additional charges to the sales report. You may now track those one-off services outside of the original scope of your jobs!

Added material prices to the formula for amount column so that it now includes materials charged to customers to the price in the daily work report.  

Added the Job.JobStatus field to the custom reports function. Now you can fetch a report that declares whether or not a job is "on hold," "done this year," "skip this year," or "active!"

Fixed the filter for programs and rounds on the work projections report to properly exclude "on hold" customers if the checkbox for "on hold" is not checked on the report filters.

Fixed scrollbar on work projections report for the programs section. 

Added fuel surcharge and late fee processing in the Invoice/QuickBooks tab under "more." If you don't see it there immediately, make sure your User Permissions are set properly for these features.

Added new options to support emailing invoices (remove invoices, preview email invoices, and exclude emailed invoices from printing).

Added the option for more sales tax decimal places under company settings.


Added option in company settings for more sales tax decimal places. 

Fixed total amount due on plain paper invoice.


Added a feature to hide/show "on hold" customers and jobs.
Added better aging clarifications for customers at the bottom of the statement. 

Fixed job skipping date suggestions to pick better dates based on customer scheduling.
Made it so that jobs for customers put "on hold" are automatically removed from the daily work if they aren't marked as completed.
Made it so that jobs put "on hold" are automatically removed from the daily work.
Added first and last names for employees when setting up user permissions.
Fine tuned settings for to do's so that they show up even when they don't have due dates.
Fixed issue importing customers from Excel.
Fixed issue with edit program not updating first round.
Fixed mapping button issue on Android devices in CLIPitc app


Added ability to change job numbers.
Added fields to custom reports (billing state, job min, job max, job min charge, company name, history time in, and time out).
Added employee name to employee history screen.
Added better filtering to the materials report.


Finished alignment of the new legal size 8999 route sheet invoice form (meant for rounds, but you can print jobs on it too).  You can order sample forms from here: http://clipforms.com/iteminfo.asp?item=19535.

Added the "New" indicator to display when we add a new feature to CLIPitc. Once you click it, the indicator goes away until another new feature appears. 


Adjusted due dates on invoices.
Added sub sort to route sheets to group jobs by customer when route order is empty.
Added the new features icon to notify you when we have new features.

Corrected Calc2 button calculations to include materials.
Made grid update immediately when you edit materials in history section.
Added the close button to the schedule calendar.


Added ability to add a job directly to the daily work
The new button on the job screen will let you add a job to the daily work list without getting new work for your crews. 

Added filters and new fields for materials report
Job materials report now has the EPA number, track column, and active ingredient. 

Made route optimization more effective.
Routing over 20 stops will be more accurate.


Find Crew Location
If the crew is using the latest CLIPitc mobile app (Android App | IOS App), you can see their last crew position (updated every 5 minutes, or when they start a job). 


CLIPitc Custom Reports
Pull and store user created reports. You can use multiple conditions, multiple columns, and export to excel for a mail merge type document. 

See the button below for the help article: 


Work Projections Reports (6 reports)
You can more easily see material, seasonal hours coming up, and projected sales numbers. These reports will help you make better decisions for the upcoming seasons. 

See the button below for the help article: 

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