In this manual, we will be covering how to add installments to customers and the processes that go into it. The more info you put into CLIPitc under the job field, the more info CLIPitc can give back in the way of reports. This info can be very useful in making your company more profitable. It will also give you more peace of mind knowing that the numbers are being tracked by CLIPitc.

In CLIPitc, before you can add installments you must first follow the steps in the following manuals:

Setting Up Installments Charges for Customers

Installments are made simple and are easy to manage in CLIPitc. In this section, we will cover the steps required in order to setup a customer as an installment customer. This section does not cover how to bill installment customers. That will be covered in our manual called Invoicing With CLIPitc and QuickBooks.

To set up an installment customer, the first thing you need to do is setup a package as an installment package. To do this, under the desired customer click on Properties> Add>under packages.

Now give that package a title that will define it as an installment package.

The purpose of giving it a title defining it as an "installment" package is that this customer may also want jobs that are not a part of their installment charges. In that case, you will want to add another package that will contain jobs that are not part of their installments.

To define this package as an installment package, click on the "Charge By" drop down and select "Installment."

Once you have selected "Installment" you will now have a new set of fields that you can fill out pertaining to this customer's contract information.

An Explanation of The Installment Fields

Status under packages allows you to basically turn on or off a customer's services for each package.

An installment package also gives you the option for a contract to have a start date and a stop date. You can also select "Contract Never Expires" if you do not have contract renewals with this customer.

Invoice Notes will be a message that appears on invoices that your customer can see.

The following screen will be where you enter the amount for each month's installment. These amounts will be what you charge per month for all of the jobs included in this package.

To the right of the installment amounts, you will see two columns. The first one will be the list of jobs included in this contract. The section next to that will show the details for each job for a quick reference. You cannot edit the job detail from this screen, it is only for reference.

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with the installments screen, let's see how we add jobs to this contract.

Click on the jobs tab.

You will now see the packages you have setup for this customer. To add a job to this contract, simply click Add under the jobs column and select the desired job from your pattern jobs list.

Once you have added the desired job, go ahead and setup the job detail just as you would a charge per job customer. The only difference here would be setting the bill type to "Include In Contract."

You are now ready to begin servicing and billing this customer through installments!

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