The customer portal is a function that uses the data from CLIP2Go to create a portal for your customers to see their account information in CLIPxe. This article will detail how to setup CLIP portal. You must have a high speed internet connection for CLIP portal to work.

When going through these steps to setting up CLIP portal, we may need to perform a global change in CLIP. Please make sure you have a good backup of your CLIP program before proceeding. Click on the following link(
for more information on how to backup CLIP.


  • Setup Company and Customer Passwords

  • Uploading the Information

  • Customizing The Portal

Setup Company and Customer Passwords

Click system>email settings to begin the setup.

Here we will enter the company email, phone number, password, and website.

Once the information is entered, click "Return." Next, we will setup passwords for each customer to access their portal. These passwords should be different for each customer. When you are trying it out, you might want to just setup the passwords all the same and change them later.
Click Files>Global Replacement>Replace Information.

Under "Choose Database Set" towards the top of the screen, make sure
"Customer database"
is selected.

Next, click "Choose Field."

Find a field called "CU.Customer Password," and double click.

Type something simple to remember. In this example we will use clip, click "Ok."

Click "Choose Condition."

Find and select "CU.Customer Status." Double click on it or press "Enter."

Select "Enter."

Type "ACTIVE."

Click "Use This Condition."

Click on "Perform Replacement." This will replace the password with "clip" for all of your customers that are currently active.
If you look under your customer's accounts under the "Customer List" button on the main screen and click the "More Phone Numbers" tab, you should see the password field filled in with "clip."

Uploading the Information

Click the "Customer Portal" icon on main screen.

If you have used CLIP2Go before, this screen will look familiar to you.

Make sure CLIP2Go Web/CLIPConnect is the only option selected under Via Internet, and click "Process."

Make sure you select "Active Customers" (the other selections are optional). If you select a date to show "History Back To", the upload will take longer. This is the same with "Customers with Activity After." As far as CLIP portal is concerned, those are the only options we are concerned with.

On the "Select one destination to upload data" window, select "CLIP Customer Portal." Click "Process."
After the processing, CLIP will tell you that it has successfully updated and then close the window.

This link will take you to our test data. To use this link with your company, replace the part of the link that says "112" with your CLIP number.
The best way to set this up would be to have a button on your website that sends your customers to that link. When your customers go to click on the button, they will see the following:

When your customers go to your site, they will need the password that we setup earlier to see the information in their accounts. They will also need to know their customer number. Use one of your customers account numbers and password  (which we setup earlier) to log into the website.

After the customer logs in, they will be able to see information about their account. They can also ask to change things to the account or give you notes about their property.

Once the customer clicks the "Contact Information" button, it will show the contact information the company has entered for them. It will also allow them to request a change to their information. Once they make a change, click "Save." This will send an email through their email program to the company.

Going back to the customer website, click "See Schedule."

From this screen, the customer has the option of sending notes about the jobs.

If the job was delayed, it will show as "Delayed" under the "Next Visit" field. If the customer clicks "Change Schedule", an email will be sent to the company with details of the change requested.

The history button in the portal under the customer's account will show the customer the history of their jobs. This includes the times that their jobs were started.

Once the customer has seen the history, they will click the "Back" button. Now, click the "Contact Company" icon. From here, the customer can enter in any information that they want to email to their company.

Customizing The Portal

To change how your CLIP Portal website looks go to this website:

You will need to login with the level 1 username and password from CLIP. If you need to see which user is the level 1, you can access this information in the CLIP program by clicking System, Passwords, and then "Set Passwords."

If you cannot access this or nothing happens when you click, it means that you do not have the permission to access it. Contact the person in the office that setup the username and password system.

After signing into the website, you will see a menu like above. Here you can import your data, get a list of your customers, or change the splash screen that your customers will see.

Click "List Customers."

It will show you a list of all the customers that you have in the portal.

Click "Change Splash Screen."

You cannot upload a logo of size greater than 800 x 70 pixels. This is so that it doesn't distort the design for the website. If it is bigger than this size, you will need to edit the image using picture editing software. Click "Upload" and then open a picture file from your computer. After the image has successfully uploaded, it will show "file was uploaded" in green like the screen above.

Once you logout and then back into the website, you will see the new uploaded image at the top right. Click "Import for New Data."

The website will proceed to download and import new data into the website. This will NOT get the latest data from CLIP. It will refresh the data that you have already uploaded to the portal.

                                  Let us know if you need further assistance!

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